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2550 Magentic Level Gauge Sump Gauge Donut Gauge

2550 Magnetic Level Gauge. The 2550 Magnetic Level Gauge provides local indication for level measurement. This tank gauges internal components are totally isolated from the product of the tank within a sealed tube. Theory of Operation. A donut shaped float rides on the product, held in linear vertical alignment by a 1 guide tube.Mechanical Tank Gauge · Contact Us · GSI · MTG Multi function Tank GaugeMechanical Tank Gauges Gauging Systems Inc. (GSI)Mechanical Gauges & Transmitters. Mechanical Gauges. 2530 Target Board; 2550 Magnetic Tank Gauge; 2570 Mechanical Tank Gauge; Tank Gauge Kits; Tank Gauge Accessories; Tank Spare Parts; Transmitters. 2000 Absolute Digital Transmitter; 2400 Analog Transmitter; 2200 Limit Switch Assembly; MMP Multi Media Probe 3100 AST MMP; 3100 GAS MMP 2530 Liquid Level Indicator · Mechanical Tank GaugeMechanical Float Gauge Rochester Gauges5 Bolt Gauge with Adjustable Float for Gasoline or Diesel Fuel Tanks; 7200 1 ¼ MPT Gauge for Domestic Tanks; 7300 LP Gas Service for Fork Lift Cylinders and ¾ Rotogauge Replacements; 7384 Polymer Plastic Gauge for DOT Lift Truck Cylinders; 8400 Brass 4 Bolt for Hot and/or Pressurized Water Service; 8500 Acetyl 4 Bolt Gauge for Low Pressure, Ambient Temperature Tanks; 8700 Acetyl 5

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flange water tank magnetic level gauge/meter/manufacture Product descriptionThis series meters are widely used in the liquid level measurement and control of electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, environment protection, ship building, civil construction, food and other industries .Direct reading Liquid Level Indicator Magnetic Level UZ series magnetic float level gauge is divided into standard magnetic column level gauge and standard magnetic tilting plate level gauge.The magnetic float of the magnetic flip plate level gauge adopts a 360° ring magnetic design, the shell is completely sealed and hard resistant to pressure, and the indicator adopts vacuum glass tube encapsulation technology, which is completely sealed in the glass Magnetic Level Indicators Babbitt InternationalBabbitt Magnetic Level Indicators are a safe, simple and reliable way to measure fluid level inside a tank. These visual indicators are an alternative to sight glasses and provide a non invasive, low maintenance, cost effective level solution.

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Side Mounted Brass 4 Bolt Refrigerant Level Gauges Rated up to 700 PSI; LN6284 Magnetic Liquid Level Diesel Fuel Gauge; M6200 Four Bolt Gauge for Pressurized Tanks, Columns or Vessels up to 300 PSIG; M6300 IND Gauge for Non LP/NH3 Service for Transports & Trailers; M6300 LP Gauge for LP/NH3 Service for Bobtails and Transports; N6284 04Factory Price Water Tank Boiler Magnetic Plate Level Gauge Factory Price Water Tank Boiler Magnetic Plate Level Gauge , Find Complete Details about Factory Price Water Tank Boiler Magnetic Plate Level Gauge,Level Gauge,Boiler Level Gauge,Magnetic Level Gauge from Levels Supplier or Manufacturer Shanghai GL Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.UHZ 99B Top mounted Magnetic lpg mechanical tank level gaugeUhz 99b Top mounted Magnetic Lpg Mechanical Tank Level Gauge , Find Complete Details about Uhz 99b Top mounted Magnetic Lpg Mechanical Tank Level Gauge,Magnetic Level Gauge,Lpg Level Indicator,Mechanical Tank Level Gauge from Levels Supplier or Manufacturer Shandong Dongrun Instrument Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

Magnetic Level Indicators Babbitt International

Babbitt Magnetic Level Indicators, also referred to as Level Gauges, consist of a chamber, a magnetic float and a flipper type indicator scale mounted to the side of the chamber. Understanding the operation of the Magnetic Level Indicator is quite simple. The fluid in the tank Low Cost Mechanical Tank Gauge GSIGSI 2550 Magnetic Level Gauge The GSl 2550 is a low cost mechanical tank gauge for tanks 18 feet in height or smaller. The gauge is a closed system and is not affected by exposure to vapors or product while the tank is in service. There are no guide wires, tapes, top or bottom anchors, thus, no in tank servicing required.Tank gauging instrument Float Gauge LT5 Endress+HauserMechanical tank gauge for accurate and reliable level measurement. Float Gauge LT5 has been developed for all areas of industry. Many years of operation in a wide variety of

Rochester Gauges 8680 Series 1 1/2 in. Top Mounting

The model 8680 spiral gauge is equipped with a standard top reading fractional dial. All 8600 Series spiral gauges have a 1 12" MNPT tank connection and are suitable for tank pressures up to 25 psig maximum. They are designed for top mounting in tanks and are UL listed for flammable liquids.PENBERTHY MAGNETIC LIQUID LEVEL GAUGES PENBERTHY MAGNETIC LIQUID LEVEL GAUGES SWITCHES AND TRANSMITTERS SWITCHES AND TRANSMITTER OPTIONS Both point level control and/or continuous level measurement are available with the Multiview. These options can be ordered with your magnetic gauge or can be added to existing units. MGS Switches provide non intrusive, point level control.6700 Liquid Level Indicator VarecThe 6700 Liquid Level Indicator (LLI) is a tank side device that uses a target and gauge board to indicate product level in a bulk storage tank. This simple and reliable float and tape based product has been used for managing inventory in the oil and gas industry for more than 80 years.

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Mechanical Level Measurement. Magna Site Magnetic Level Gauge; EPG Environmental Protection Gauge; 5700 Bulk Tank Level Gauge; 17000 Bulk Tank Level Gauge; 4400 Close Mount Level Gauge; KMT & KHT Transparent Level Gauges & Valves; KMR & KHR Reflex Level Gauges and Valves; Sight Flow Indication. KSF Cast Body Sight Flow Indicators; Sight WindowsFloat Gauges Float Level Indicators Mechanical and MoreThe Motherwell Tank CNC 2570 Series Low Pressure Automatic Mechanical Tank Float Gauge is a mechanical float operated level gauge that gives accurate, continuous measurement of liquid level. A dial wheel indicator gives a digital reading, which can be in either metric or imperial units.Level Gauges Selection Guide Engineering360Level gauges are meters used to determine the level of a liquid in a fixed storage or process tank.The gauge is composed of several parts including head, float, measuring tape, bottom anchored bracket, guide wires, elbows, anchors, coupling, pipe support brackets, and pipework.

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The Model 6700 Liquid Level Indicator (LLI) is an economical, easy to install measurement device utilizing a target and gauge board to indicate tank level. The indicator displays liquid level (product innage) to an accuracy of 1 (25 mm). Designed for use on a variety of atmospheric and low pressure storage vessels, the 6700 LLI may be installed on both in service and out of service tanks.Magnet Float Type Level Gauge TI 034N/08/en LT Gauge support 90 32 R 5.5 250 170 300 25 t 4.5 Pipe fixing nozzle 30 42.7 10 R5 36 6 SUS304TP 1 1/4BxSch40 External Dimensions (Cont.) Seal pipe L±3 34 120 PT1 Gauge head 120 ± 2 NPT 1/2 120±2 Magnet assembly 26 27 Tape Weight 400 Magnet 90° Sheave elbow 320 153 PS1 1/2" 167 60 170 Float Tank Gauge LT 1112/1212

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